We, Iboga Wholesales, are serving in collaboration with with our partners. Our team aims at establishing medicinal tree farms. Iboga plants used to be harvested in the wild initially. But now these rare plants are facing deforestation. Thus, currently, their very existence is in crisis.

We serve in association with Three branches, a 100% Turkey owned company and an American based export/import company. It has been facilitating our businesses in both regions. Also, it allows us to bring our items straight from the source and supply directly to our customers without involving any distributor.

Our team comes with a medicinal plant specialist along with Turkey and Gabon farmers’ manager. We own farms in Ghana and Gabon that the local villages run. Thus, we have been creating employment in rural areas having a high rate of unemployment. Also, we are creating an opportunity to share profit.

At the peak of our commercialisation are American and German social entrepreneurs who possess decades of experience in business and farming on the African continent. The abundance and productivity of the African tropics assure amazing preventative and natural medicines. These medicines are becoming forgotten and less used since foreign synthetic medicines are replacing them by extensively flooding the local market.

In this situation, we come with a twofold effort. We are striving to inspire people in the localities so they again value these forgotten medicines. Also, we want to share these unique botanical aids with the people around the globe.