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BUY AKUAMMA SEED ONLINE . These seeds contain different types of alkaloids that possess a vast array of healing qualities. Also compared to Kratom in a way since the alkaloid akuammine is structurally related to yohimbine and mitragynine. The fruit pulp is also known to have hypoglycemic properties.

Akuammicine has exhibited to stimulate glucose uptake. This is the reason why the seeds are traditionally used in managing diabetes mellitus in Nigeria. A Ghanaian hospital began developing standardized 250mg capsules of powdered P. nitida seeds. It was sold under the name ‘Picap’ around the country where it became widely recognized as a natural, safe pain relieving product. This then led to numerous studies to discover the seeds’ active alkaloids.

Health Benefits of Akuamma Seeds

Below are the health effects of Akuamma seeds:

Pain reliever
Akuamma seeds are recognized for their analgesic qualities. Many Akuamma seed users reported that they use the seeds to alleviate pain caused by arthritis, lupus erythematosus, migraine, and fibromyalgia. They reported that it’s a better alternative to opiates as it does not cause any withdrawal side effects, with very minimal addiction profile.

Provides a relaxing, soothing effect
The seeds are known to reduce stress and anxiety by providing a relaxing, mental state and overall, soothing, calming effect. Many users reported that it helps those who counter panic attacks.

One of the widely known effects of Akuamma seed is sedation. For individuals suffering from sleep issues such as nightmares and insomnia, the seeds have a powerful sedative activity. When taken before bedtime, it provides the most peaceful sleep. Many Akuamma users reported that the calming effect could be noticed within an hour and those who can’t sleep due to stress, pain or anxiety can achieve restful sleep.

Akuamma seeds, fruit, and bark have been studied for anti-malarial action. Two alkaloids – alstonine and akuammine are significant for malarial therapy. The seeds demonstrated inhibitory activity from the resistant Plasmodium strains such as Falciparum.

Akuamma seeds are known for their potent action against certain parasites. They specifically work against Trypanosoma, a parasitic protozoan. This protozoan can cause different diseases such as African sleeping sickness, Chagas disease and Leishmaniasis. A study has proven the trypanocidal effect of Akuamma seeds.

The alkaloid Akuammicine of the seeds demonstrated anti-diabetic qualities. This alkaloid is believe to promote glucose uptake of the cells, hence reducing glucose levels in the bloodstream.


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